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→She Lies (Mix)
· Thanks, I've only been at this a short…
Audio Review07-28-2015 · 03:23 PM
→Blowing With the Dust
· Denis, like I said before my vocals are a…
Audio Review06-15-2015 · 02:06 PM
→No Subject…
· This song has a great message. Well done
Audio Review06-12-2015 · 10:58 AM
→She Lies (Mix)
· Thanks Fish. I have a bunch more I will…
Audio Review06-12-2015 · 10:52 AM
→She Lies (Mix)
· Thanks for listen Denis and I agree with…
Audio Review06-09-2015 · 03:27 PM
→Saturday Six Live
· The tempo of this song is killer. I…
Audio Review06-09-2015 · 01:52 PM
→Celtic Rangers
· Love this piece, well done. I would…
Audio Review06-09-2015 · 01:46 PM
→The Actor
· I liked the melody of this song and you…
Audio Review06-09-2015 · 01:34 PM

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